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Caretaker PC Game Free Download [April-2022]




Never-ending sound of the machines. Is there anything else? No one is at home and there's no other workers. This should be the story of the year! Nevertheless, where there is no response from the director, an open door to the inside of this mysterious facility, and there is a door next to it. A title of “biological research” is written on the door. Perhaps there are a few researchers left? You opened the door. You went inside... A mother and a baby monster… Come on, it's fine. Don't be scared. Everything is fine. Are you the little monster's mother? Does the monster have a name? Just call it, “Monster.” You can't believe your eyes. This "Monster" has become an independent little baby? Are you serious? This is not a joke. I can't believe my eyes. Oh no, no, no. She's only 7 days old. Wait a minute, this is absolutely insane! Are you seriously going to keep a baby monster? Is this guy insane or something? Are you serious? What a day, what a day… A flood of emotions ran through my mind. I never imagined something like this… I can't believe this is happening. Hey, you! Hands up! Don't do anything stupid! Monster, don't do anything stupid! Monster! No, don't shoot. That's an innocent baby. I'm your mother. What's wrong, mother? It's just a baby monster. Why are you doing this? Monster, don't do anything stupid. Monster




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Caretaker PC Game Free Download [April-2022]

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